Where to stay near Algonquin Park

Best Places to Stay Near Algonquin Park (2023)

This article contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.Looking for places to stay near Algonquin Provincial Park, so you can maximize your time in the park? Good choice. The best time we had in Algonquin was when we stayed nearby overnight. Staying overnight near Algonquin makes it easy to get to the park early enough to beat the crowds the next morning.

There are a lot of places to stay near Algonquin Park, but as someone who goes to Algonquin often and has stayed in numerous accommodations, I’ve narrowed it down to the best ones. If you’re heading to Algonquin in the fall (peak season) then you’ll want to book places to stay months in advance – 6 months, ideally. The places to stay near Algonquin fill up fast for the fall season. Summer is very busy as well.

Algonquin Park

Staying near Algonquin allows you to have a place not too far away to crash and relax after a long day of hiking or canoeing. If you want to indulge in Ontario’s natural beauty and outfoor activities, than staying near Algonquin is recommended. The places to stay near Algonquin are divided up by category below – so let’s jump in.

Best Places to Stay Near Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Fall
Algonquin park
Beaver Pond Trail Algonquin

Cabins Near Algonquin Provincial Park

Looking for a rustic place to stay, with wooden frames, surrounded by nature? These cabins below are are located within x of Algonquin Provincial Park

1. Four Season’s Algonquin Cabins

Driving distance from Algonquin: 20 minutes

Four Seasons Algonquin Cabins rents out 2-bedroom cottages that sleep up to 4 people. They are simple, family-friendly cottages that are surrounded with a lot of nature on the property. Being only 20 minutes from the park, Four Seasons Cabins are great destination for enjoying the outdoors, and relaxing near Algonquin Park.

  • Kitchenette ✅
  • Free parking ✅
  • Lakeside ✅

2. Hush Lodge and Cottages

Driving distance from Algonquin: 45 minutes

Hush Lodge and Cottages are bit further from Algonquin, but if you don’t mind the extra drive, these are rustic cottages that give you access to a beach, and sleep 2-4 people. Plus, there’s a sauna.

  • Kitchenette ✅
  • Free parking ✅
  • Lakeside ✅
  • Sauna ✅

3. Killarney Lodge Cabins

Driving distance to Algonquin:

You can rent cabins at Killarney Lodge, which are located right in the Algonquin Park wilderness. A lot of amenities are offered, such as a personal canoe, and being right on the lake, and three available meals daily. Killarney Lodge is absolute heaven.

  • Restaurant on site ✅
  • Free parking ✅
  • Lakeside ✅

Hotels and Luxury Resorts near Algonquin Provincial Park

If you’re looking for a more upscale, relaxing holiday experience, then look no further than these few places

1. Nomi Wellness Resort

Driving to Alonquin: 3 km from the entrance

Nomi Wellness Resort is located in Highland’s east, very close to the Algonquin Park entrance. It has everything – an outdoor swimming pool, breakfast, plus you can rent bikes, canoes and paddles to explore the property.

  • Room service ✅
  • Breakfast included ✅
  • Private beach ✅
  • Lakeside ✅

2. Muskoka Waterfront Retreat

Driving distance to Alonquin: 15 minutes
You have everything you need at Muskoka Waterfront Retreat to be comfortable, and relax after a day in the wilderness. Muskoka Waterfront Retreat is located in the quaint village of Dwight, which has tourist sites, and a historic downtown area.

  • Kitchen ✅
  • Private beach ✅
  • Lakeside ✅

3. Deerhurst Resort

Driving distance to Algonquin park: 28 minutes

Deerhurt Resort is located in the tourist town of Huntsville. Deerhurst is well known and popular among Ontarians and tourists, and known for being a good resort in Northern Ontario. Deerhurst has several amenities to make your stay special, and there’s quite a bit for kids to do too.

  • Private beach ✅
  • Swimming pool (x2) ✅
  • Restaurant on site ✅
  • Spa ✅

4. Spring Lake Resort

Driving distance to Algonquin Park: 15 minutes

Spring Lake Resort is located in Dwight, and has over 50 acres of walking trails, private beaches, lakes where you can go canoeing or paddle boarding. Its also only 10 km from the Dorset Lookout, another tourist attraction in the area.

  • Private beach ✅
  • Restaurant on site ✅
Algonquin in Fall

Budget-Friendly Hotels near Algonquin Park

Here are some cheap hotels you can find that are really close to Algonquin Provincial Park

1. The Mad Musher Hostel

Driving distance to Algonquin: 4 minutes

The Mad Musher Hostel is located in Whitney, and is the closest affordable hotel to Algonquin that I’d recommend. You can’t get much better than 4 minutes from the gate. It’s called a “hostel” but there aren’t actually dorms in Mad Musher; just private, cosy but simple rooms for solo travellers, couples and families with kids.

  • Full kitchen ✅
  • Private beach ✅
  • Lakeside ✅

2. The Arlington

Driving distance to Algonquin: 30 minutes

The Arlington , located in the small town of Maynooth in the Hasting Highlands, is a good, cheap place for exploring Algonquin and other touristy sites in the area. For less than $100 CDN per night, you’re fairly close to the park, have everything you need including free wifi, and a restaurant and minimart only steps away.

  • Full kitchen ✅
  • Private beach ✅
  • Lakeside ✅

3. Algonquin Lakeside Inn

Driving distance to Algonquin: 10 minutes

The Algonquin Lakeside Inn (sometimes called resort, depending which source you’re looking at) is located in the small town of Dwight, and has rooms for couples, solo travellers and families with kids. You can rent canoes and paddle boards, and bonus – only a few minutes drive from Ragged Falls Waterfall.

  • Restaurant on site ✅
  • Private beach ✅
  • Lakeside ✅
Algonquin fall view

Algonquin Park Lodges

In addition the cabins, resorts and hotels near Algonquin Park, there are also three different lodges right in Algonquin Park that you can stay in. All three lodges are quite ‘nice’, high end, often with restaurants on site and other special features. They’re only available in the spring, summer and fall. (All three of them are closed in the winter months.)

To book one of the Algonquin Park lodges, you must click one of the clinks above which will bring you to a the Park page with information about the lodge, and the contact information to book them through Algonquin Park directly. However, they tend to fill up fast and are not often available – make requests to stay in these lodges as soon as you can.

Looking for an extra rustic experience? Consider staying in one of Algonquin Park’s Ranger Cabins, which are located in the backcountry of the park, and are often only accessible by boat.

Places to stay near algonquin park

Places To Stay near Algonquin: FAQ

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about visiting Algonquin provincial park and places to stay that are near Algonquin

Is Algonquin Provincial Park worth visiting?

Algonquin Provincial Park is definitely worth a visit. Its the largest conserved land in Ontario. The vast nature makes it a haven for wildlife, nature lovers, and photographers. Motorized boats aren’t allowed on the lake, which gives the park a calm, peaceful atmosphere. It is a very popular tourist attraction, especially in fall. If you want to stay nearby, you should book accommodations well in advance.

What is the best time of year to visit Algonquin Park?

Algonquin Park is beautiful and popular year-round. The most popular time to visit Algonquin though is in the fall. There are a variety of trees in the park that change colour – the reds, oranges and yellows against the water of the lakes and sky is beautiful. People drive a few hours from Toronto just to experience fall in Algonquin. Summer is also very popular in Algonquin, with camping season and the nice weather. Winter in Algonquin is a unique experience; being able to see the lakes iced over and the snow covering most of the park.

What town is Algonquin Park near?

There are dozens of small towns near Algonquin Park. If you want to find a place to stay near Algonquin Park, you could look into accommodations in the nearby towns Dwight, Haliburton, Madawska, Kennaway or Whitney. There are different styles of accommodations offered in these towns. Another option is the larger town of Huntsville, which is located just 30 minutes from Huntsville.

What towns are best near Algonquin Park?

The best towns with places to stay near Algonquin Park are Dwight and Huntsville. In both towns, you can find a variety of accommodations from budget to more luxury. Both towns have historic downtown areas, with small businesses that you can support (family owned restaurants, stores and souvenir shops.)

Huntsville Ontario
Huntsville, Ontario

Best Places to Stay near Algonquin: Final Thoughts

There are so many places to stay near Algonquin. Its a popular tourist attraction in Ontario, and there are a variety of accommodations in place whether you’re looking for high end, budget-friendly or a ‘rustic’ experience in a cottage.

Being only 250 km from Toronto and Ottawa, Algonquin Park is a gem in Ontario that we’re lucky to have, and worth exploring. Whether you want to go on hikes, go canoeing, or simply drive through and stop at lookouts for picnics and photos, you should have an amazing time in Algonquin.

Besides Algonquin Park, there are other gems in Northern Ontario that are worth checking out while you’re in the area, such as the Dorset Lookout, or Screaming Heads in Burks Falls.