The BEST Poutine in Quebec City (And The Ones to Avoid) 2023

Looking for the best poutine in Quebec City?

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In Quebec, poutine can be a fast-food that you grab and go, but it can also be an appetizer for a sit-down meal in a restaurant. There’s ‘greasy’ fast food poutine, and also fancy poutine (both are delicious and very common in Quebec City.)

Regardless of which poutine you try, its the perfect meal for crisp-weather autumns, as well as freezing cold winters in Quebec, but its much enjoyed in the summer too. The hot gravy with the melted cheese curds and fries is satisfying and comforting meal.

best poutine in quebec city
best poutine in quebec city

I’m from Ontario, where its not hard to find poutine at all – I grew up eating it from snack bars in my hometown. But many Canadians will tell you that poutine outside of Quebec isn’t the same – its much better in its location of origin.

I have been to Quebec City a number of times, and sampled a number of poutines there. During my most recent trip to Quebec City, I made an effort with my family to find the city’s BEST poutine in the city.

So, allons-y – the best poutine in Quebec City!

9 Best Poutine Places in Old Quebec City

Here are the restaurants where you can find the best poutine in Quebec City, and how to get to them

If you plan on sticking to the Old Town area of Quebec City, then these are the places to look for while you’re strolling through the cobbled streets and admiring the medieval architecture.

I’ve used the Chateau Frontenac as a landmark (since everyone can figure out where that is pretty quickly) and give you an idea of where they’re located.

So, here are the BEST poutines in Old Quebec, in order from their walking distance from the Chateau Frontenac.

1. Chic Shack

Walking distance from Chateau Frontenac: 2 minutes

✅ Eat in
✅ Take out

Chic Shack, just a stone’s throw from Chateau Frontenac is in a historic stone building and serves gourmet burgers, milkshakes and poutines and is committed to using local ingredients.

Chic Shack Quebec City poutine

They were at the top of my list of places to try because of their vegan options – a vegan burger and a vegan poutine, which don’t disappoint. (They have plenty of meat options too.)

Most poutine places have more of a ‘fast food’ setting but Chic Shack is located in an old stone building with a view of the Chateau Frontenac and is really quaint looking.

2. Restaurant La Bûche

Walking distance from Chateau Frontenac: 4 minutes

✅ Eat in
✅ Take out

La Bûche (meaning “the log” in French) has very interesting, old rustic Québecois indoor decor. Its one of the most popular restaurants in Quebec City for both locals and tourists, and its best to eat in for the full experience.

La Bûche is known for its funky dishes, like rabbit wings (very popular) and poor man’s pudding. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I recommend making a reservation for dinner, because there is almost always a lineup. There are two locations in Old Quebec, but the one nearest to the Chateau Frontenac is at 49 Rue Saint-Louis.

3. Maison Livernois

Walking distance from Chateau Frontenac: 7 minutes

✅ Eat in
✅ Take out

La Maison Livernois in Old Town Quebec is frequented by both Quebeckers and tourists. Its a beautiful, rustic sit-down restaurant that does take-out service as well.

Their regular poutines are quite large and filling. They also have a special kid’s poutine. Its a place that both adults and kids would enjoy if you’re in Quebec City as a family.

Good to Know: Maison Livernois is a 7 minute walk from the Chateau Frontenac, and only 3-minutes from the Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral. The address is 1200 Rue Saint-Jean, Québec.

4. Cochon Dingue

Walking distance from Chateau Frontenac: 8 minutes

✅ Eat in
✅ Take out

Cochon Dingue (meaning “crazy pig”) is a sit-down restaurant in Old Quebec that serves all three meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has a fun and friendly atmosphere, and is one of the most family-friendly restaurants in Quebec City.

they make a “poutinette” for kids, and for adults they have a “Poutine Tout Cochon” which consists of bacon wrapped sausage in the poutine along with homemade gravy, and cheesecurds.

There are two different Quebec City locations for Cochon Dingue- one in Old Town, and one in Upper Town. The one you’re looking for in Old Town is at is 46 Bd Champlain.

5. Chez Ashton

Walking distance from Chateau Frontenac: 9 minutes

✅ Eat in
✅ Take out

Chez Ashton got its name by a snack cart that started by a many named Ashton Leblond in 1969, and added poutine to its menu in 1972. Its a Quebec City classic.

Chez Ashton Quebec City

Today, Chez Ashton is a sit-down and take out restaurant in Old Town that serves poutine of different portion sizes, as well as hot dogs, hamburgers. You can get a regular with extra grilled onions on top.

Chez Ashton is a chain, and there are several locations, only one of which is Old Town. You can find it on the corner of Rue Saint-Jean and Cote du Palais, less than 10 minutes on foot from the Chateau Frontenac. It’s open until 8pm.

6. Chez Victor Burger

Walking distance from Chateau Frontenac: 14 minutes

✅ Eat in
✅ Take out

I have to recommend Chez Victor Burger because they had what I was looking for – excellent options for different dietary needs. Vegan, vegetarians and gluten free will be very happy with the options here.

At Chez Victor, you can choose between 7 different types of poutine: a vegan, a Buffalo BBQ, smoked meat and many others. Check the menu here.

Chez Victor Burger actually has three locations – only one of them is in Old Quebec. In Old Town, you’re looking for the St. Paul location. The address is 300 Rue Saint-Paul #140.

7. Snack bar St-Jean

Walking distance from Chateau Frontenac: 17 minutes

✅ Eat in
✅ Take out

Snack Bar Saint- Jean (also known as Snack Bar 522-Bas) is a casual counter-service restaurant with some places to sit inside and outside.

There are cute little wooden tables to sit in inside, its quite a cute interior. There are also 12 different flavours of poutine, such as classic, gyros, chicken, pork, bacon, steak and others.

Snack Bar Saint-Jean is open until 4am, so it makes a great middle of the night snack! 780 Rue Saint-Jean, Québec

8. Casse-Croute Chez Gaston

332 Rue Dorchester, Québec

✅ Eat in
✅ Take out

Chez Gaston is a casual snack bar that offers take out, but there is some indoor seating as well.

The menu is very simple and basic, but there are about eight different poutine options, ranging from spicy, mild, Italian and other flavours. A large one will cost about $20, but the smaller ones only cost $7-$10. They also have an even smaller size for kids.

Tourist attractions nearby: Chez Gaston is located in Haute Ville, which is a bit of a walk (20 minutes) from Old Town.

9. Poutineville Saint Roche

Walking distance from Chateau Frontenac: 22 minutes

✅ Eat in
✅ Take out

Poutineville Saint Roche offers a build your own poutine, which is unique to Quebec City ( I haven’t seen this anywhere else.)

You choose your size (small, medium or large) types of cheeses and how they’re cut, as well as vegetables, meats and sauces. There are quite a number of different options. See the menu here.

Poutineville Saint Roche may not be the best place if you want to stick to original recipes, but its great if you want to be creative try more than just the standard gravy and cheese curds.

10. (Bonus) Frites, Alors!

Walking distance from Chateau Frontenac: 30 minutes

✅ Eat in
✅ Take out

Frites, Alors (meaning, Fries then!) serves cones full of Belgian-style French fries. There’s also burgers, and of course -poutine. They use home-grown potatoes and locally sourced ingredients in their poutine.

Tere are 12 different kinds of poutine on Frites, Alors’ menu and a mini-poutine for kids as well.

Good to Know: Frite Alors is a bit of a hike from downtown Old Town (30 minute walk), but its very close to the Musée National des Beaux Arts.

A Fun Way to Experience Quebec City’s Best Poutine

Consider joining a Quebec City food tour that will allow you to sample some of the best poutine, and other authentic Quebec foods.

Along with poutine, there are other traditional foods in Quebec City that taste more authentic there than anywhere else – crêpes, charcuterie, pea soup, pâte chinois (a type of shepherd’s pie) and many others.

Book your Quebec City authentic food tour here

Best Poutine in Quebec City Outskirts

Poutine restaurants in the outskirts of Quebec City tend to be more frequented by locals, and the poutine tends to be more authentic than in Old Quebec, which is largely full of tourists. You won’t be disappointed.


Some of them are within walking distance of Old Town, while others would require a vehicle.

I’m not suggesting that you rent a car just to get a poutine, but if you’re already going to have a car in Quebec City and plan to visit places like Montmorency Falls, and other sights outside of Old Town, then consider making a stop at one of these authentic poutine restaurants!

1. Fromagerie Victoria

Multiple locations

✅ Eat in
✅ Take out

Fromagerie Victoria is a local’s favourite, and its mostly visited by locals. There are many locations in and around Montreal and Quebec City.

Fromagerie Victoria restaurants have a dine in restaurant, but also a little grocery store inside selling locally-sourced products. You order your food at the counter, and can take a seat in their dining room which has plenty of indoor-seating and large windows.

Fromagerie Victoria serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even have a breakfast poutine.

The dairy used in their poutine cheese curds (as well as other dishes) is primarily from local farms.

As you can see in the map above, there are four different Fromagerie Victoria locations in the Quebec City area. Visit their website for the exact addresses and hours.

Good to Know: Fromagerie Victoria is focused on traditional food. So if you’re looking for vegan or gluten free options, this probably isn’t the best place to get a poutine.

2. Casse-croute Chez Micheline

225 QC-138, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC

❌Eat in
✅ Take out

Casse-croute means light meal or a “snack” in French. Chez Micheline is a very casual no-frills snack bar about a 15 minute drive from Quebec City.

It’s one of those places that look very simple from the outside, but the food is so delicious. If you’re looking for simple, house-made, authentic Quebec poutine, then you need to try this place.

The menu is very small and basic, with six different meal options – two of them being poutines. One of them is a regular poutine, and another that comes with chopped sausage.

3. La Peltrie Cap Rouge

4244 Rue Saint-Félix, Québec

✅ Eat in
✅ Take out

La Peltrie Cap Rouge is only open during the summer months, and it features a lovely area to walk along the St. Lawrence river.

La Peltrie Cap Rouge offers five different kinds of poutine – if you want traditional Quebecois style, order the classic. If you like a Mexican flare, then go for the sloppy. The three other options have different types of topped meat.

After you order your poutine from the counter, you can a spot to eat at their outdoor seating.

5. Costco

440 Rue Bouvier, Québec

✅ Eat in
✅ Take out

This may come as a surprise to you, but yes – Costco Quebec City makes delicious poutine! So if you plan to head to Costco in Quebec City, give it a try.

The poutine at Costco Quebec is vegetarian friendly (real cheese curds, but meat flavour in the gravy) and is made the classic traditional Quebec style.

So if you’re already going to be braving the crowds at Costco, finish off your trip with a poutine. Poutine is not usually offered at our Costcos in Ontario, so I like to take full advantage while in Quebec.

2 Secrets about Poutine in Quebec City

Locals from the Quebec City area will tell you that the best poutines aren’t usually found right in Old Quebec where most tourists look, but in the outskirts of the city instead.

This is because many restaurants in Old Quebec are catering to tourists, and people on holiday. The places in the lesser-visited areas tend to be more focused on the quality of the ingredients, so their poutines tend to taste a bit better and be sourced locally.

So if you are renting a car in Quebec City, you have an advantage in being able to drive to some of the poutine locations that don’t cater to tourists, but rather serve delicious poutines with perfected recipes that the locals have been eating for decades.

However, if you’re not able to rent a car in Quebec City – don’t worry! There are some good poutine in Old Town too, they’re just harder to spot out.

From sampling the restaurants that are mentioned above, we believe that they won’t disappoint.

Poutine to AVOID in Quebec City

Here are the poutines that I would not recommend in Quebec City.

Any place that uses shredded cheese in place of cheese curds. Poutine is meant to be eating with cheese curds, and there’s a very specific way of making them.

Cheese curds are basically a cheddar that hasn’t been aged at all, and is separated from the whey during the cheesemaking process and sold immediately.

There are many knock off poutines that use shredded mozzarella cheese or other types of melted cheese instead of curds, and it doesn’t taste the same.

I recommend trying your poutine from one of the places mentioned above who take care in keeping as close to the recipe as possible.

Room service at Chateau Frontenac. Poutine is best served at a place that specilizes in poutine, especially if it caters to Quebec locals rather than primarily tourists.

I’m not saying to avoid the Chateau Frontenac room service at all costs (most of their food is delicious), I’m saying to not order their poutine and consider that to be your poutine experience of Quebec City. There are many other more authentic ones within a short walk.

Poutine in Quebec City: FAQs

Here are the most commonly asked questions about poutine in Quebec City, and other interesting tidbits to know about it

Is Quebec City known for poutine?

The province of Quebec is known for poutine, not necessarily any city in particular. However, Quebec City is a foodie destination and poutine is a very traditional, and very popular dish that you can find all over.

Is poutine better in Montreal or Quebec City?

Both Quebec City and Montreal have excellent restaurants where you can find the best poutine. Montreal is known for being a foodie city, one of the biggest foodie cities in Canada.

Was poutine invented in Quebec City?

Poutine is very popular and a traditional food in Quebec City, but it wasn’t invented there. According to research, the poutine was actually invented in a small town in the Arthabaska region of Quebec, which is located just north of Montreal.

Quebec City in fall

Quebec City Poutine: Conclusion

I hope that this has helped guide you to the best poutine in Quebec. Whether you’re enjoying your poutine in a cozy stonewall restaurant in Old Town, or eating it on a picnic table outside of a snack bar on a sunny day, I know that you’ll be satisfied with the poutine in Quebec City.

The best poutine in Quebec City is measured by different things, because there are different ‘styles’ and customizations of poutines. Overall, we’re looking for poutine that tastes good. Quality ingredients in the gravy and real cheese curds, and fries cookies to perfection.

This can come both, from a high-end restaurant, or a snack bar on the side of the road. Whether you’re in Quebec for Christmas or in the summer, poutine makes a tasty treat year-round.

Bon appétit!