Winter in Toronto

Things to Do in Toronto in Winter: 2023-2024 Guide

Looking for things to do in Toronto in winter? You’re in the right place. Toronto, although chilly in the winter, has a lot of unique things to do year-round, as well as solely in the winter.

Having lived near Toronto my whole life, I know that it is truly one of the best places to enjoy winter in Ontario. I go to Toronto multiple times every December for holiday-themed attractions, and often return in the months between January and March.

Toronto in winter

It may be chilly outside in Toronto in winter, but there is no shortage of unique things to do and ways to enjoy the cold season as much as one possibly can.

There are activities year round for people of all ages in Toronto, and the winter months are no different. I’m going to go over the special, unique things that you can only do in winter in Toronto, and hopefully give you some good ideas of how you can spend your winter in Toronto.

So, let’s jump – things to do in Toronto in winter!

What You Need to Know about Toronto in Winter

Toronto isn’t the coldest Canadian city (its warmer than Vancouver, but much warmer than Quebec City) but it can still get pretty chilly, especially in January and February.

There first snowfall generally comes in December, and there’s at least 1cm of snow on the ground for 65 days out of the year. A snowstorm may happen once or twice during a winter in Toronto. During a snowstorm, it may not be safe to drive and everyone may stay indoors.

Toronto in Winter by Month Average Temperature (High vs Low)
December High: 3°C (37.4°F) Low: -3°C (26.6°F)
January High: 0°C (32°F) Low: -7°C (19.4°F)
February High: 0°C (32°F) Low: -7°C(19.4°F)
March High: 5°C (41°F) Low: -2°C (28.4°F)

What to Bring to Toronto in Winter

Here’s what you should bring to be prepared for the cold weather in Toronto, as well as Ontario

  • A good winter hat that can cover the ears. Fun fact: Canadians tend to call it a ‘toque.’
  • Scarf or neck warmer. I always regret not having a neck warmer like this one on me when its cold. I highly recommend one, especially when its below 0°C
  • Mitts. I prefer convertible ones like these, so you can wear them both ways depending on the task
  • Warm, waterproof footwear. I can’t stress the waterproof part enough. You want boots suitable for several inches of snow, but can sustain slush and puddles too. I use Sorel boots, which you can find here. They make mens and women, and kids boots.
  • A warm winter coat
  • Snowpants if you want to be doing some winter sports such as snowboarding, skiing or snowshoeing
  • Sunglasses or snow goggles (if you plan to do skiing or snowboarding.) the glare from the snow can be intense in winter, especially when its sunny!

Things to Do in Toronto in December

Here are the things to do in Toronto in December only; many of these activities are open for the holiday season (from late November to early January.) If you want to see things to do in Toronto that are open all winter long, jump ahead.

1. Distillery District’s Winter Village

The Distillery District is Toronto’s Victorian, car-free neighbourhood. With its cobbled grounds and narrow streets, its a quaint and photogenic place to visit year-round, but its especially pretty in the winter.

The Distillery Winter Village has a 50-ft tall Christmas tree, live music, shopping and dining. In the main square, there are wooden European-style Christmas market vendors, and a beautiful ambiance with a lively atmosphere.

Distillery Winter Village

I go to the Distillery Winter Village every year, and its a busy place -especially at night, because everyone wants to experience the Christmas lights. Still, its a festive and fun way to gear up for the holiday season. Its popular with families, couples and groups of friends.

Here’s what you need to know about visiting the Toronto Distillery Winter Village in 2023:

  • It will be open from November 16 – December 31, 2023 (a special tree lighting ceremony will take place on on Nov. 16th, 2023)
  • Tickets for the Winter Village can be bought online on their website, or at the door.

Pro Tip: People buying tickets at the door have to wait longer to get into the Distillery Winter Village. If you want to visit at night when the lights are on, then I recommend reserving a ticket online in advance so that you’re guaranteed an entrance time. I usually buy my tickets for 4pm so I can enjoy an hour or two of daylight in the market before dark comes and the night is lit with the holiday lights of the district.

2. See The Nutcracker ballet

The headquarters of the National Ballet of Canada are located in Toronto, and do year-round performances at the Four Seasons. One of their most popular productions is The Nutcracker which plays for three weeks every December.

The Nutcracker such a beautiful production of the classical music, costumes and of course, talented dancers. Its an upper scale event where you will see most people dressed up in their best clothes, and ready to see a holiday favourite come to life on stage.

Nutcracker performance in Toronto

We see The Nutcracker in Toronto almost every year; and we see people of all ages; even families with kids as young as 4 years old. There is food on-site, but not fast-food. There are charcuterie boards and glasses of champagne for purchase.

There are both daytime (matinee) and evening shows for The Nutcracker. If you’re catching an evening show, then I recommend eating dinner before the show, as the performance starts at 7pm and is almost 2 hours long.

Tickets for The Nutcracker in Toronto go on sale on September 26th on the National Ballet website.

Pro Tip: Be sure to make dinner reservations if you want to have a sit-down near the Four Seasons before the ballet. Every restaurant within a 10 minute walk of the Four Seasons get booked up very fast on ballet nights (I found this out the hard way!)

3. Casa Loma

Casa Loma is Toronto’s only castle, built in the early 1900s by a man as a gift to his wife. Casa Loma is beautiful in winter, but at Christmas it features “Christmas at the Castle” which means that the castle is decorated inside and out with festive decorations, and has special holiday themed activities and fun for the whole family.

Casa Loma Toronto in winter

If you like castles and Christmas, then its worth visiting Casa Loma at Christmas. Being able to walk through a real castle in Toronto admiring the Christmas atmosphere is a unique experience in Canada; especially Toronto which doesn’t have any other castles nearby.

My favourite part about Casa Loma in particular, is the look out tower – if its snowy, then you can see the snow-covered castle towers with the view of Toronto in the distance. Its quite beautiful in the winter.

The dates and tickets for Christmas at the Castle are TBA, but I will update as I know more. Of course, Casa Loma can be visited during the rest of the winter season too. It is open every day from 9:30 am – 5 pm.

4. GLOW Toronto

Glow Toronto is an indoor Christmas light festival (so therefore, only running until December 31st.) Its a beautiful display of lights with “Christmas around the World” as the theme. You’ll see the Big Ben, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, and other world landmarks, as well as lit up trees.

There are some fast food vendors on-site and kiosks that sell alcoholic beverages, as well as a Christmas train, and large children’s play area.

I go to GLOW Toronto every year, because there’s just something magical about the light displays and the ambiance. Its a great activity for both families or adults. Families with young kids tend to visit during the day, while couples and groups of adults tend to go at night.

GLOW Toronto is generally open from late November until December 31st, and you can buy tickets on their website. GLOW Toronto is held at the Toronto Congress Centre (North Building) at 1020 Martin Grove rd in Etobicoke.

5. Kensington Winter Solstice

The outdoor evening Winter Solstice event has been running since 1988 in the Kensington Market. In the heart of Toronto’s most interesting neighbourhoods (one of my personal favourites) there are parades, dances, costumes and music. The festival has a spiritual, pagan vibe and an upbeat atmosphere. People of all ages, kids and adults are welcome.

Winter Solstice at the Kensington Market is held at 6pm on December 21st (the first day of winter) every year. You can find the festival at the intersection of Augusta ave and Oxford St. Be sure to dress warmly!

6. Festive Nights at the pioneer village

Festive Nights is an event held at Black Creek Pioneer Village in north Toronto in December. If you enjoy old-fashioned Christmas style activities, then you’ll love Festive Nights.

Festive Nights a holiday event where you can explore all things vintage Christmas: roasted chestnuts, gingerbread cookies, candle dipping, puppet shoes, storytelling and even meeting Kris Kringle.

Festive Nights in 2023 will run from December 2nd to 16th at Black Creek Pioneer Village from 6 to 9pm each day. The address is 1000 Murray Ross Pkwy in north Toronto.

Tickets for Festive Nights can be bought online on the Black Creek Pioneer website.

7. Lawrence Plaza Chanukah

Hannukah celebrations take place right downtown Toronto in mid-December. Its an outdoor event with music, food and candle-lighting. 2023 will be the 3rd annual Toronto Chanukah event, and its suitable for the whole family, and all are welcome.

Lawrence Plaza Chanukah takes place at the Lawrence Plaza, as the name suggestions, which is at the corner of Bathurst st. and Lawrence ave.

*The exact dates for Lawrence Plaza Chanukah in Toronto 2023 are TBA, but I’ll update as I know more!

8. Winterfest at Canada’s Wonderland

If you love the holiday season, and especially if you love Wonderland, then consider heading over to Winterfest which is held at Wonderland every December. The pond turns into an ice skating rink, and there are holiday decorations, lights, and music everywhere. There are even some rides open.

Canada's Wonderland

Personally, I haven’t been to Winterfest yet (I plan to go this year) but I’ve been going to Wonderland every summer since I was young. Winterfest is a new event that just sprang up in the last few years, but it has been very popular with locals. I can’t wait to experience it.

Wonderland is Canada’s largest amusement park, and can be reached pretty easily from the TTC from downtown Toronto. Tickets to Winterfest can be bought on their website here.

Tip: If you buy a 2024 Season’s Pass, then it will include your visit to Halloween Haunt and Winterfest in 2023

9. Shop at the Eaton Centre

Eaton Centre is one of the largest malls in Canada, (the largest in Toronto) with over 250 stores. Its a fantastic place to do some holiday shopping, or even just escape the cold and browse the stores during the winter months.

At Christmastime, the Eaton’s Centre has been known to have a very tall, elaborate Christmas tree. In 2021, they had a 108-ft tree, but decided to have no tree at all in 2022. (Which caused some controversy.) We’ll have to see what they decide for 2023 – either way, the Eaton Centre is a must-see in Toronto at any time of the year.

The Eaton’s Centre is located right in the Dundas Square, so there are a lot of places nearby to eat and shop. Its a 15 minute walk to Nathan Philip’s Square, and only 5 minute

Other Toronto Holiday Events

Not all holiday-themed events are held in December – there are a few to keep your eye out for in November too. Here are a few Toronto Christmas events you might not want to miss:

  • Toronto Santa Claus Parade – the 119th annual parade be held on November 26, 2023. It will also be broadcasted live on TV
  • Scandinavian Christmas Fair – held on November 18th and 19th from 10am to 5pm at the Daniel Spectrum Centre. More info here.

Things to Do in Toronto in Winter

Here are the things to do in Toronto in winter, all winter long. These activities are available from December through mid-March, weather depending!

1. Skating on an outdoor rink

Toronto has some beautiful skating rinks open throughout the winter months. The most popular outdoor rink is at Nathan Phillip’s Square, just outside of the old City Hall and in front of the famous “Toronto” sign.

Skating in Toronto in winter

All lit up at night with the glowing Toronto sign, this rink is beautiful in the evening as it is during the day. During the month of November and December, there is the Nathan Phillip’s Christmas Market, and some kid’s rides- so you can shop, go on rides, grab hot chocolate and go skating.

Here are the details on two of the most popular, iconic outdoor skating rinks in Toronto:

Nathan Phillip’s Square

Open: early December until mid-March, depending on the weather
There are public washrooms, and skate-rental facilities on site

Harbourfront Skate Centre

Open: early December until mid-March, depending on the weather (it was closed in 2022)
There are publish washrooms, lockers on-site, and benches to put skates on.

2. Go snowshoeing in Toronto’s largest park

High Park is a large, 397-acre park in the heart of Toronto. There aren’t official snowshoe trails, but the parks is very popular for snowshoeing in the winter.

Bring your gear, and take the TTC to High Park station. From there, its only a 1-minute walk to High Park.

Don’t have snowshoes? You can rent them from Exclusive Sport Rentals which are based out of Vaughan (just north of Toronto.)

3. Catch a Leaf’s Game

Hockey is considered Canada’s National sport and you can experience the passion when you go to a Leaf game, or catch one on TV. The Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t won the Stanley Cup since 1967, so go cheer them on!

Maple Leaf games take place at the Air Canada Centre. To be honest, they are not cheap in Toronto – one ticket will cost anywhere from $120 to $300 per ticket, depending on how closer you are to the rink. My husband and I once drove to Ottawa to see a Leafs games because we were able to get much cheaper tickets to see one there.

But if you manage to score tickets at the Toronto game, the Air Canada Centre is a really nice venue right downtown Toronto to be able to experience this energy. There are plenty of places to eat nearby too if you want to have dinner before the game.

Good to Know: Maple Leaf tickets can be bought on Ticketmaster.

4. Spot winter wildlife at Tommy Thompson Park

Tommy Thompson Park is a large wildlife reserve in Toronto’s southeast end. Its the perfect place, in both summer and winter, to spot wildlife in their natural habitat. There are no dogs allowed at Tommy Thompson Park, for the reason that the focus is to make it a safe, comfortable place for wildlife.

This also however, makes it easier to spot them as they don’t need to make themselves as scarce! In the wintertime, you can see cardinals, chickadees, finches, and if you’re lucky – even owls.

Tommy Thompson is a perfect place to go in the winter to try and spot some of these native Ontario birds. The trails aren’t maintained during the winter, but they are very popular for skiing and snowshoeing.

5. Go sledding at Riverdale Park

There are dozens of places in Toronto to go tobogganing, but one of the largest hills in the city is at Riverdale Park West, a large park in northeast of the downtown area.

From the top of the hill at Broadview avenue, you toboggan down 65 feet (20 metres) down towards the Don Valley Ravine. You can also see a view of the CN Tower and skyline in the background.

Riverdale Park West is located at 375 Sumach St in Toronto, and its actually pretty easy to get there from downtown.

To get to Riverdale Park West, take the TTC to the Dundas Station. From there, walk to Yonge and Dundas, and take the 501 East streetcar for about 10 minutes. Get off at River Dale. From there, its a 10 minute walk to Riverdale Park West. Don’t forget to bring your toboggan gear!

Good to Know: Riverdale Park is the largest, but not the only place to toboggan in Toronto. For other toboggan locations throughout the city of Toronto, click here.

6. Go cross-country skiing on the Toronto Islands

Yes, you can still head to the Toronto islands even during the winter! There are trails open that are popular in the summer for hiking, and great or skiing or snowshoeing during the winter.

Toronto Islands Trail is the longest cross country ski trail in the city. Its a 14.6 km (9 mile ) loop and takes up to 3 hours to complete in the winter. You can ski or snowshoe from Wards Island all the way to Centre Island and back, and get picturesque views of the city along the way.

Note: Keep in mind that amenities on the Toronto islands are limited in winter; there are only three public washrooms open, and it is very cool on the island because of the drafts from the lake. Bring everything you need with you and be sure to dress warmly!

Good to Know: The water taxis to the Toronto islands are closed in the winter, and the Ward’s Island ferry is the only way to cross over in the wintertime. Head to the Jack Layton Ferry terminal to take the ferry. Tickets can be bought here.

7. Warm up to hot soup on an icy day

Hot soup is a comfort year round, but I think we can all agree that the best time to enjoy it is in the winter. When its cold outside, there’s nothing better than to enjoy a hot soup . Toronto being the most multicultural city in the world means that you have your variety of hot soups to choose from to warm up in the winter months.


Here are some of the ideas of the best places to find the most warming soup in Toronto on a cold winter day:

  • Ramen Isshen for some authentic Japanese ramen – there are two locations in Toronto, one on Queen st and one on College. (Vegetarian options, too!)
  • Hobakjuk (Korean pumpkin soup – a staple in Korea) find this in Koreatown at the Christie station
  • A hearty minestrone soup found at Italian restaurants – The Olde Spaghetti factory, or a hole in the wall in Little Italy
  • A steamy, flavourful pho found in Vietnemese restaurants in Chinatown and in the Kensington Market

8. Try Canadian ice wine

Ice wine is a special dessert wine made from grapes that froze while still on the grapevine. Ice wine tends to be very sweet, with fruity flavours and its best served chilled. Canada is one of the few countries it is produced.

Only 90 minutes by car from Toronto is Niagara on the Lake’s annual Ice Wine festival. The festival allows you to sample ice wines from local Niagara vineyards, and food samples from some of the high-end restaurants in the historic downtown. Its a great way to get outside despite the cold and enjoy a Canadian festival.

The Ice Wine Festival is held over two weekends in January; the 2024 dates are January 12th-28th on weekends only. It will held outdoors on Queen Street, the main street in Niagara on the Lake.

While you’re in Niagara on the Lake, you can also visit the wineries and do wine tours and tastings, even in the winter!

Good to Know: Not able to make it to the Ice Wine Festival this year? Niagara on the Lake’s Ice Wines can be bought at LCBO, Canada’s largest liquor and wine retailer – there are multiple locations in Toronto. My personal favourite is the ice wine made by Pellar Estates, or the Three Sisters.

9. Hit the slopes at Toronto’s ski hill

Yes, Toronto has its own ski hill, with chair lifts, and everything! Earl Bales Ski & Snowboard Centre in North York is a small, but great place to learn to ski or snowboard, as it has beginner and medium level hills. It also has a racer hill for those who are more advanced.

Snowboarding Toronto

Earl Bales Park has one large beginner hill, a main (medium-level) hill, and a racer hill for those who are looking to go a bit faster or for an extra challenge.

You can rent snowboard and ski gear on-site, so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything of your own, other than winter clothes. The one thing I do recommend is having your own snow goggles – the light reflecting off of the snow hill can be intense in the winter, and sunglasses carry the risk of breaking.

Good to Know: There aren’t a lot of food options on-site at Earl Bales Ski, so its best to bring a snack or grab food nearby. There is a Metro grocery store, Starbucks, Wimpy’s Diner and a Pizza Pizza just down the street from the park (about a 5 minute drive.)

10. Warm up at an indoor spa

Indoor spas are a great way to enjoy saunas, hot tubs and swimming pools. It gives you a chance to warm up and rejuvenate as you escape the cold for a few hours.

One of my personal favourite spas in Toronto is Elmwood Spa. Its a short walk from Dundas Square, and it includes water therapies, including baths, steam rooms, and swimming pools, in addition to spa services and restaurants on-site. Its a great little oasis inside the city to escape the hustle and bustle (and the cold!)

Elmwood Spa is open every day from early morning until evenings between 7 and 9pm depending on the day. Reservations for spa treatments should be made in advance on their website.

11. Escape the cold at a museum or art gallery

Toronto is full of interesting museums that can be enjoyed year round; winter is a particularly good time to enjoy them because

Royal Ontario Museum
Royal Ontario Museum
Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Royal Ontario Museum – Canada’s largest museum, and one of the biggest in the continent as well.
  • Bata Shoe Museum – this is my favourite museum in Toronto. It is focused on exploring cultures and civilizations through their footwear. You can learn a lot about a society by the shoes that the people wore. Its just such a unique museum and worth checking out!
  • Art Gallery of Ontario

12. Check out special events at the Harbourfront Centre

The Harbourfront Centre is located right downtown on the Toronto harbour, and has interesting events throughout the year. There are art exhibits, performances and cultural events.

Heading to the Harbourfront Centre during the cold months will allow you to see the harbour of Toronto in winter, and warm up inside this cool exhibit that always has something going on.

There’s a café inside the Harboufront that looks out onto the lake. In addition, there’s an Indian restaurant, and a Pizza Pizza across the street.

Check out the Harbourfront Centre’s upcoming events here. (Also, don’t forget about the Harboutfront Centre skating rink right on the harbour!)

Good to Know: The Harbroufront Centre is open from 10am to 9 pm every day. The easiest way to get there is to take the Queens Quay streetcar from Union Station.

13. See the lay of the wintery land from the CN Tower

Head to the CN Tower and you’ll find a few attractions worth checking out right around it – the CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium, and the Toronto Roundhouse are all within a 1-2 minute walk from eachother.

Ripley's Aquarium of Toronto
Ripley's aquarium and CN Tower

You could spend a full day visiting the aquarium, exploring the old locomotives at the Toronto Roundhouse, and getting a bird’s eye view of the winery skies and snow-covered land from the top of the CN Tower.

There are plenty of places to eat right in that immediate area too, so you can easily make a whole day out of it with family or friends.

14. Explore Toronto’s indoor food market

The St. Lawrence Market is a large indoor marketplace located in a historic building downtown Toronto that mainly sells food items – you can find produce, pastries, meat, cheese, nuts, and even some ready-made food to sit down and enjoy there. It a great place to escape the cold, get a hot drink and enjoy the culture of Toronto.

St. Lawrence Market

The upper floor of the St. Lawrence Market has mainly produce and take-home ‘grocery’ items – I recommend bringing a bag so you have something to carry the food home, in case you want to buy anything.

The downstairs area of the St. Lawrence Market has food as well, but also more of a cafeteria atmosphere where you can buy hot chocolate, tea or coffee, as well as Italian and Greek sandwiches, wraps and soups. Canadian souvenirs are also available for purchase downstairs.

The St. Lawrence Market is open every day from 9am to 7pm, except on Saturdays its from 10am to 5pm.

15. See Niagara Falls in winter

The famous falls are still running in the winter time, and one of my personal favourite things is seeing them lit up at night. While Niagara Falls seems like an outdoor activity, there are a lot of activities to do indoors.

Niagara Falls in winter

Some of the indoor things to do in Niagara Falls are the butterfly conservatory, the casinos, the Skylon Tower (see the snow-covered surrounded terrain from a bird’s eye view) and Bird Kingdom, which is the largest aviary in North America.

If you’re in Toronto with young kids, I have lots of tips on visiting Niagara with a toddler. We go to to Niagara Falls almost every year as a family. Most recently, we stayed at Great Wolf Lodge, which is a lot of fun for school-aged kids especially.

How to Get Around Toronto in Winter

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) includes the subway system, street cars, and buses. If you’re going to be in Toronto for a length amount of time, then you can purchase a card that you load funds onto as you need to. If your visit to Toronto is short, then you could pay by ride, or get a 1 day, 2 or 3 day pass for the TTC.

Subway in Toronto

Getting into the city of Toronto from the airport is easy – no need to stand outside in the cold waiting for a cab! Simply hop on the express train from the airport that takes you into the heart of Toronto. Read my post on the Pearson Airport to Union Station Train here.

Where to Stay in Toronto in Winter

The most convenient place to stay in Toronto is near the Union Station, because from there you can easily catch a subway, GO Train or streetcar to anywhere you want to go in the city or just outside of it. Its also a nice, safe business district and a good place to stay. Read my post on the Hotels Near Union Station.

If you’re looking for other places to stay in a range of budget options, then here are other places I recommend in Toronto.

  • BudgetSamusun Toronto Located near the Kensington Market, and steps away from lots of attractions. Free breakfast, and choose between dorms or private rooms.
  • Mid-Range25 Richmond Street Condo Highly rated, and well located!
  • LuxuryRadisson Blu Downtown Toronto Enjoy a view of the CN Tower and be steps away from the tower, Ripley’s Aquarium, Scotiabank Arena, the Toronto Roundhouse and other attractions
Winter in Toronto

Toronto in Winter: FAQs

Here are the most commonly asked questions about visiting Toronto during the winter season

Is Toronto worth visiting in winter?

Toronto is worth visiting year round, but there are a lot of special events happening in the winter. December in particular is a special time in Toronto. Being the most multicultural city in the world means a mix of holiday celebrations city-wide. From January to March, there’s outdoor skating, tobogganing, cross country skiing on the Toronto Islands.

What is Toronto like in the winter?

Toronto is chilly in the winter with the temperatures hovering between an average of -7°C (19.4°F) as a low, and 2°C (35.6°F.) as a high. There is often some snow in Toronto, but there may also be days with no snow at all. Be prepared for the odd snowstorm in Toronto, where it isn’t safe to drive and you may want to stay inside because of the harsh winds.

Does Toronto have harsh winters?

Toronto doesn’t normally have brutal winter temperatures, because geographically, its much further south than other Canadian cities. The average temperatures during the winter in Toronto fall between 0°C (32°F) and 2°C (35.6°F.) Its chilly, but not nearly as cold as if you travel up north to cities like Barrie, Bracebridge or Montreal.

Is it worth going to Toronto in December?

Yes, its absolutely worth it to visit Toronto in December. A lot of the winter activities begin to open up, such as outdoor skating rinks, toboggan hills and snowshoeing trails. In addition, Toronto has a lot of special events that happen throughout December that close in January. So if you’re heading to Toronto in winter, I think December is a good time to visit

Is Toronto walkable in winter?

Yes, Toronto is very walkable year-round, including in winter. Some great walking areas in Toronto in winter are the Distillery District, Kensington Market, Chinatown, Queen St. West and Yonge and Dundas. As long as you’re dressed warmly, you’ll enjoy the sights of Toronto coated with snow.

Downtown Toronto by night

Toronto in Winter: Conclusion

As you can see, Toronto is worth a visit year round, and winter is no exception. By now, you have a pretty good idea of all the events and things to do in Toronto in winter. Whether you’ll be in Toronto in December for the special holiday events, or later on in January through March, there are unique things to do around the city that are particularly special in winter, as well as plenty of places to escape inside if it gets too cold.

Toronto isn’t the coldest or the snowiest city in Canada, but thats a good thing. Not being too cold makes it easier to get outside and enjoy winter for the short time that we have it. Toronto has a variety of things to do to suit all ages. If you’re in Toronto with kids, there are plenty of family-friendly places to eat downtown.

In the summer, look forward to things like the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) and concerts at the Budweiser stage. But for winter in Toronto, check out the many trails, skating rinks, and gems throughout the city that bring warmth, fun and entertainment in the winter months.